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About Sadie


I'm Sadie lady - a 12 year old sweetheart with one small quirk - I'm pretty darn blind! The vets think I was born that way, as one of my eyes is a little smaller than the other. I can barely see a thing out of that one. Sadly, as I got older my other eye lost some of its vision too. I can see shapes and shades still, and it doesn't really stop me. I can climb the highest cat tree and if you give me a day or two I can get around any new space! One of my most unique features is I can pet myself. If you hold out your hand I'll simply walk back and forth to get all the right spots! I love eating my food up high on your work desk, and I don't like other cats. Dogs are more my type! I am currently living in foster with our manager, and it looks like she might become yet another foster fail - meaning I've won her over and the chances of her giving me back are slim to none!