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About Sadie

Sadie has been around many homes in the Canmore area. Having a personal connection to the Adoption Centre Manager, Sadie is now our unofficial lobby cat! This 12 yr old lady is a fluffy tuxedo cat that, at a quick glance, looks oddly skunk like. Sadie was born with a right eye that just never seemed to work, as well as a left eye that is now trying to follow in it's buddies path. Sadie is partially blind, but it's what causes her heart-winning quirks! Spinning in circles in order to get a 360 degree view of her surroundings, and trotting in zigzags around the room are some of her favorite past times. She can also pet herself! Simply put your hand out and Sadie will rub her little head and body all over without you having to move a muscle. She loves to meet new people, but just be slow when you approach her - she can't sense your hand until it's right in front of her face!