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About Sapphire

We are pleased to announce that Sapphire was adopted on March 31, 2022
After over a year in our care, and many months at a foster home, Sapphire found herself her own forever home to call her own! It was love at first sight when Sapphires family met her, and she headed off to a home with other kitties to befriend and where she will be loved and cared for for the rest of her days. We're so happy that it was finally her time to shine!
I am in a foster home but I am still AVAILABLE for adoption!

I'm Sapphire! I am a black beauty with lots of love to share. The staff here keeps mentioning that I am very 'jolly".... I assume they are referring to the fact that I am somewhat plump. What can I say, I love a good cat treat! I could use more movement in my life, so a forever home with someone who loves to play would be ideal! I have asthma, so I have an inhaler that I get twice per day. I know that it helps me feel better, so I am very tolerant of taking it and will even purr while I'm getting it. I am very affectionate on my own terms, and would love nothing more than a loving home to relax in. I've been here for quite a while, so I hope my purrfect people come along soon so I can experience home life!

Here is what Sapphire's fosters have to say about her: "Sapphire is the sweetest lady who absolutely loves to be with her people, but is equally self-sufficient and happy to do her own thing. From the moment she arrived at her foster home, Sapphire went to work exploring what her favourite spots to chill and to play would be, and quickly became the queen of her domain. Her transition was incredible, and she was comfortable right away. Sapphire is very expressive, which makes it very easy to figure out if she's hungry, wants to play, or just wants to sit near her humans and catch some z's. She loves her toy mouse, and proudly parades it around in her mouth at various times throughout the day, which often means play time! She knows her puffer is good for her, and it is rarely an issue to giving it to her (check out @foster_kitty_sapphire on IG for a video of the process). All in all, Sapphire is an incredible cat and deserves a forever home that can give her the love she is so eager to give herself!"

Check out @foster_kitty_sapphire on Instagram for photos and videos of foster home life, and to keep up with her!

Interested?! Please fill out our adoption application ( and submit to Upon approval you will be contacted to arrange an appointment time!