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About Sylvester

We are pleased to announce that Sylvester was adopted on Oct. 20, 2018
We are pleased to announce that Sylvester was adopted with Turbo, to a wonderful local couple that are so eager to give both he, and Turbo, the lives they are so deserving of! Outcomes like these are so rewarding for all of us here and we are so grateful that the adopters were able to open their hearts to not one, but two of our residents! We can't wait to hear what they are up as they begin their new lives together!
Sylvester was surrendered to us by his previous owners. He has a sweet meow and big green eyes that are always curiously checking out everyone around him. He doesn't waste any time running over to rub along your legs once you've entered his room! He gets along well with his new cat roommates and loves visitors. In fact, he gets so excited that occasionally he will roll right out of his high rise bed as soon as someone walks in! He is a bit of a rolly-polly cat, but that means there is just more of him to love!