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About Tina

We are pleased to announce that Tina was adopted on Nov. 9, 2019
Tina came to us with her mom and 3 siblings. Tina has had a rough go -this once feral kitten developed a deep ulcer in her eye while she was with us. This led to a special surgery in Calgary to repair it, but unfortunately, Tina was one of the few cases where it was not successful. Her eye was removed at the end of June. However, now Tina is no longer in pain and this traumatic experience enabled her to warm up to people. She went from a kitten who hid high up on a shelf and wouldn't accept cuddles or pets, to one that now comes toward you wanting belly rubs and to play! All of the medications and monitoring over the past 2 months helped Tina understand that we just wanted to help her! She is now ready to find her forever home!