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About Bear

We are pleased to announce that Bear was adopted on Jan. 9, 2019
Bear has left the nest! When Bear and his siblings came in he was the size of a gerbil! When he left yesterday it was a struggle to pick him up! Watching puppies grow while they wait for their forever homes is always a treat for us. From not being able to open their little eyes or walk properly... to the first time we let them outside to run around with mom - all of it is precious and makes you appreciate life a little bit more each time.
Bear is one of sweet Grace's pups. He is stoic, yet playful, quite willing to watch as his sisters frolic, but loves any attention he can get. Full of spunk and personality, Bear is now almost 5 weeks old. He and his siblings will soon be ready to meet members of the public following their first set of vaccines on December 7th. While we believe Grace is predominantly a Golden Retriever mix, we are stumped as to what breed her puppies are. Bear certainly doesn't look anything like the others, and appears as though he has more German Shepherd in him than anything else, with perhaps a touch of Rottweiler mixed in. His sisters look more like Collies. Either way, this cute little fur ball is going to be quite large, with mom weighing in at around the 40 kg mark. We are now accepting applications for this litter on a first come, first serve basis. None of them will be ready to go until January, once we have had the opportunity to get them spayed and neutered, at which time they will be taken off medical treatment status. If you are interested in Bear please contact us at the shelter at (403)609-2022 or drop by the shelter and talk to our knowledgeable staff and volunteers. They will be ready to visit in person with an approved Adoption Application after December 7th.