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About Beck

We are pleased to announce that Beck was adopted on July 28, 2023
Hello! My name is Beck and I'm a big loveable giant (Irish Wolfhound cross Aussie Shepherd) looking for my forever home here in the Rockies! I am practically the perfect dog, so I don't know why it's taking me so long to find a home! Don't be intimidated by my toothy grin - it looks a bit like a snarl but it's actually a great big submissive smile I give when I see the people I love! I have a sweet, gentle and affectionate demeanor, and would love a home that is a good mixture of adventuring and chilling. I'm a big fan of the belly rub, and in the house I am a relaxed, well-mannered guy. Not to mention, I've got the most striking fluffy tail you ever did see! Speaking of, I do have lots of long fluffy fur, so my humans should be prepared to keep up with brushing and grooming to prevent mattes from forming. I love people, and big dogs are okay with slow introductions, but cats and small dogs are a definite no-go for me - you just can't trust em! For that reason, dog parks probably won't be in my future until my new owner is confident I am safe around smaller dogs, which may or may not ever be the case. I used to be occasionally reactive on leash, but I've made tremendous progress and now I am a very pleasant, easy dog to walk. I don't pull, I don't bark, and I listen exceptionally well! As long as my new owner is consistent with maintaining my leash walking skills, I'll be an ideal adventure companion to hit the trails with. My ideal home would be a house with a tall fenced yard (I've been known to hop a fence!), as I'm a big guy who loves to rip around the yard doing zoomies, but a yard is not a necessity so long as I'm provided lots of outdoor time. I am really a big, sweet and snuggly teddy bear in a dog body, and I can't wait to find a great home to start exploring the world with - and with an endless supply of belly rubs, I hope!

Dog-friendly: Yes, with proper introductions for big dogs, no for small dogs
Cat-friendly: No
Kid-friendly: Untested, likely yes

Interested?! Please fill out our adoption application and submit to Upon approval you will be contacted to arrange an appointment time to come meet me!