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About Daisy

Hi there, I'm Daisy! I'm sugar and spice and all things nice, and I'm ready and waiting to find a fab forever home to join! I was a transfer from Regina, where I was having no luck finding a home. I guess they didn't appreciate my sweetness and enthusiasm! I am a lover of all adult people, and have a full-body tail wag like you've never seen before! I may not be "lap dog sized" but that sure won't stop me! I am a strong breed, but I have been working hard on my leash manners. I still have a tendency to pull when I get excited (which is most of the time!) but once I get over the initial enthusiasm of being out for a walk, I become more polite.

I'm looking for a home that is patient, and familiar with the common traits of my breed, as well as able to set boundaries that will help me to thrive. I have been known to guard high-value items, and I haven't quite gotten the hang of keeping my paws on the floor when meeting people (although I try really really hard!), so I will be best suited to an adult-only home. The energy of children seems to throw me off a bit - what can I say, I just prefer adults and that's okay, we all have our preferences.

I am very food motivated and eager to please, so I pick up training wicked fast and would love to keep learning new things. I am working on placement training to help with my impulse control and jumping and am told I've made amazing progress. When I first arrived at the shelter, I was selective with my canine pals, but I've been working hard with the dog team on making friends with other dogs, and can proudly say I have learned some great dog skills. I still need proper introductions, but I've been making lots of dog friends at the shelter, so a home with another dog is a definite possibility - as long as they want to play wrestle! At this time, dog parks won't be for me, and small dogs and cats will be a no-go.

The shelter environment seems to bring out my exuberance, but I've spent some time in a foster home for weekend trips and they say I'm like a different dog. I seem to mirror the energy around me, so if you're calm, I'm calm. I've also been excellent at not pushing boundaries (such as coming in the kitchen, counter surfing, not jumping on the couch etc.) as long as they are made clear to me from the start. My foster described me as a velcro dog in that I like to be right by your side - preferably touching you at all times - and part of the action.

I don't do anything halfway, including loving people, and so for someone that is looking for a loyal and energetic new best friend to cuddle up with, I will make them very happy! I've been waiting for a forever home for an awfully long time, and for no real good reason, so please get in touch if you want to meet me! Fair warning - everyone that meets me falls in love!

Dog-friendly: Occasionally leash reactive (over-excited), good with proper introductions
Cat-friendly: No
Kid-friendly: Yes, dog-savvy aged 14+
Do I Need Special Care?: No

Interested?! Please fill out our adoption application and submit to Upon approval you will be contacted to arrange an appointment time to come meet me!