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About Buddy

We are pleased to announce that Buddy was adopted on Oct. 28, 2018
Buddy and Blade have found a forever home! These guys were quite the pair - bonded and goofy - losing their minds if the other was out of site for more than a few minutes. They love people almost as much as they love each other! Buddy and Blade are now in Calgary with a wonderful couple who will provide them with a loving home, much like the one they knew before.
Buddy was transferred to us from another rescue, with Blade. These two have been together their entire lives and it would be in their best interest that they be adopted together. Buddy and Blade's owner passed away, and now these two elderly gentlemen are in dire need of a new home. Buddy is the younger of the two at 8 years of age, and both are very friendly towards humans and their dog friends. They cannot however go to a home that has cats as they both have a strong prey drive. They are good with children and were well cared for. They aren't adjusting well to life at the shelter, understandable given their ages. If you feel you are in a position to adopt Buddy or Blade, please contact us at (403)609-2022 or stop by the shelter where our dedicated staff and volunteers can answer all of your questions!