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About Chief

Howdy, I'm Chief! I was found as a stray, but I am happy to be safe, warm, and with a full belly here at the Bow Valley SPCA now. My past is a mystery, but I am very nervous around people and still getting used to humans being in my space. If you go slow, respect my space until I feel comfortable, and perhaps bribe me with some pepperoni sticks, I will warm up and eat treats out of your hand, allow you to harness me, and will even request gentle affection (though there are areas of my body I am more comfortable with people touching than others). Once I know you, I will even choose to curl up beside you and put my head in your lap. I am sweet as can be, I just need someone to understand that I am very scared right now! I can be skittish on walks but will follow humans on leash and feel much more comfortable outside than in my room. While I am nervous around people, I LOVE and trust dogs and turn into a different pup when other dogs are around. With my doggie friends I am bouncy, playful, and much more confident. A home with a well-adjusted social dog would be hugely beneficial for me to feel safe and to start to learn that humans are kind. I promise taking the time to let me feel safe around you will be worth the effort, because the real me is gentle, sweet, playful, and loving - I just need a patient and positive environment to show my true colours!

Interested?! Please fill out our adoption application ( and submit to Upon approval you will be contacted to arrange an appointment time!