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About Cooper

The name's Cooper, nice to meet ya! I've travelled all the way from the NWT, and I am just the cutest guy around! I was staying in a foster home because I am a bit of a nervous ninny, and found the shelter environment overwhelming. I liked my foster home because it is calm and quiet. My foster says I am an "exceptionally good boy in the house" and tells everyone I am fully housebroken, calm, don't counter surf, and don't chew or destroy anything. I sleep through the night and am very content to be left alone. I am a bit of a wild child when we go out for walks however. I am part husky and I really want to pull, run, and play but I am slowly getting the hang of this loose leash walking thing. Admittedly, I need a bit more practice. I also get frustrated when I see other dogs and people out playing and want to get in on the action. She says we need to work on that too. I had a bit of a rough start in life and I don't really like it when people come at me quickly, or reach over my head to pet me. I'm pretty darn cute - really sorry about that - and I definitely want the tickles but I need you to let me get to know you before you and your friends wave your hands everywhere at me. I'd really like a home full of gentle love and calm vibes. No cats (they are much too fun to chase) and I will need an adult home or with calm dog-savvy kids over the age of 12, as children stress me out with all their energy. I might be open to a doggy brother or sister to play-wrestle with, but I also can be picky and would have to see if we could be friends first. If you have a fenced yard or an acreage, that would just be the absolute best as I am a dog made for the outdoors, but it's not a deal breaker. The thing I want the most is your love, and to go on tons of adventures. Please come see me!

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