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About Dooby

We are pleased to announce that Dooby was adopted on Nov. 9, 2018
We are so pleased to announce that our longest resident, Dooby, has finally found his way home. Some months ago, a local couple, who had developed a close relationship with Dooby, opened their home and decided to foster him. The improvements Dooby has made while in their care are truly remarkable. His coat has become much softer, with a glistening sheen; there is a light in his eyes that wasn't there before; and it is apparent that he has become much more relaxed and confident. Working with his foster family, and offering as much support as we could, they determined that he has become a permanent member of their family. We are so grateful to them for all that they have done for Dooby, and so incredibly excited for Dooby as he embarks on his new and grand adventure! He has finally been afforded the safety and love that he deserves!!
Dooby is a sweet old soul who has had a hard time. He lived most of his life on the streets of Thailand, fending for himself, and probably faced more challenges than we can imagine. He was rescued by a wonderful organization called Soi Dogs. He has been adopted out a couple of times, and both times the adopters were heartbroken when they had to bring him back. It seems that dear Dooby bonds quickly to one person and then feels like he needs to be protective of them, or he might lose this great life he has found. He has so many great qualities that we are not going to give up on our friend! He is active, smart, curious, playful, and walks beautifully on leash! He sure enjoys his walks with our volunteers! He is a loyal companion who will stay by your side for life! We are looking for one experienced dog person who has no other pets, or children, who is keenly interested in putting Dooby's welfare above all else. We would be very happy to meet you and work with you through this process.