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About Fender

The names Fender. I came from a rural area in Saskatchewan and I have to say I don't really understand humans. The ones that visit me in my room are nice enough (mostly because they come baring hot dogs), but I am really trying to get used to their constant need to 'pet' me. We are working on it. I see them do this act to other dogs and they seem to enjoy it, but I'm not sold yet. I am not ready to head off to a home yet, as these guys can barely even convince me to go outside. I am also a huge flight risk, I have zero recall and I love playing hide and seek. I ALWAYS win - the outdoor world is where I thrive. To be honest, I don't trust humans enough yet to not just run off forever! I think they are going to have to have a lot of patience with me, but they all seem to adore me, so that shouldn't be a problem. Stay tuned to see my progress.

Fender is located in 'Blake's Room', sponsored by: