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About Floki

We are pleased to announce that Floki was adopted on June 22, 2020
Floki has went home....again! This time will be the last! He lives in the ideal setting. A retired couple with nothing but time to give this needy and quirky guy all the training and attention he deserves!
I'm Floki! One of our staff members named me and buddy Ragnar (he got adoped) after vikings! I think he thought we were pretty cool and tough! Truth is, I'm a softy...I may look a little rough and tough around the edges, but deep down I am a serious cutie with a heart of gold. I used to live outdoors on a reserve in Saskatchewan called Pelican Narrows. I had a good life there roaming around with my pack and being fed occasionally by the locals! However, I LOVE people, so being in a home seems pretty good to me. I hear the staff refer to me as their little old man as I have lots of a greys, but again, not as old as I look! I have lots of energy and would love a family that would explore these mountains with me. A good hike, a long walk and maybe even a shorter bike ride with my humans would be lovely. I don't think I want to run a marathon or anything, but being outdoors is my favorite. I know adults aren't supposed to play with toys, but I LOVE a good chew toy. I enjoy spending my mornings chewing and chasing my toys, then in the afternoon a nice nap by your feet in a sunbeam would be my choice. If you want to meet me (which you do) fill out an application on our website and send it in!