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About Jager

Why hello there, the name's Jager! I'm just a big cuddly teddy bear, who loves being outside but also enjoys warming your feet as you sit in front of the fireplace! I love outdoor adventures, especially if they involve snow for me to romp around in. After a nice stroll, its time for a snooze, and you'll be able to find me lazing about in a nice spot of sunshine. I've been primarily an outdoor dog, so I'd love to have a yard of my own in my new home, to satisfy my cravings for that fresh mountain air. I may be big, but I'm very friendly and will greet you by rolling onto my back to enjoy some belly rubs. With proper introductions, I enjoy having doggie friends! I probably won't be suited to a home with a cat... they're way too much fun to chase, but I get the feeling they don't like that too much! I've been around kids and enjoy when they pet me gently, so as long as they know how to respectfully treat a dog, I'll be their friend! I may over 100 pounds, but at heart I am just a laid-back lap dog looking for a partner to adventure with! Think that could be you?

Interested?! Please fill out our adoption application ( and submit to Upon approval you will be contacted to arrange an appointment time!