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About Kaya

We are pleased to announce that Kaya was adopted on Jan. 26, 2019
Kaya found her new home! This older lady did not last long. Her calm, loving demeanor won over the hearts of a family from Calgary in no time. We are so happy she didn't have to spend too much time in a shelter environment after having lived in a home for 9 years!
Kaya was transferred to us from Garcia Rescue. She is 9 years old and an absolute sweetheart! Belly rubs and spending time with people are some of her favorite things. She is very well behaved and knows her commands. She is a little fearful of kids and is good at communicating when she is unhappy with another dog. Kaya is a mellow older lady that has spent her entire life in a home. She would love to find a forever home quickly - she isn't used to being away from people!