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About Luna

My name is Luna! I am a fairly timid lady with a past to justify it. Sadly, I was used for breeding and when they were over me I was sold on the internet to a loving family who was unaware of some of the trauma I had been through. They were loving and kind, but I need a special kind of home now. I haven't been allowed to experience real home living prior to this, and I need a quiet setting with a dog savvy individual who knows how to read my needs. I need a home with no tiny humans, as I am not used to them and their energy doesn't vibe with mine. I am also fearful of other canines, so dog parks are not going to be for me. I want an owner who is around often and has lots of time to take me on big adventures! I am a hound so my nose is my best friend. I am fairly calm in a house now, but if I see a rabbit or squirrel on a walk...hold on! A yard would be great, but a high fence is a must!! I can jump to follow a scent! I love humans and I am excited to find one (or a few) that can give me the love I deserve!

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Luna is located in 'Blake's Room', sponsored by: