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About Grover

Well, I'm back! I spent a year in a loving home, but this silly pandemic ruined everything. I do love the BVSPCA, so it's not the worst place to be back at temporarily. I am still the big goofball that you remember! I've learnt a lot of new tricks - like 'touch', sit, laydown, shake a paw... and my favorite - 'give me a belly rub'. That one involves me just looking real cute and showing my tummy (taught it to myself)! Some things you should know about me: I am very loyal and can be protective of the person(s) I love the most, I don't think dog parks are my thing, I love to show off my toys, I love to cuddle, I have been known to drool and I need someone who can match my strength! I would prefer to live in a quieter area, as hustle and bustle can overwhelm me. I am a homebody - I will always be down for a couch day! I love a good hike (preferably one with less people and canines), a good run or any adventure that gets me moving. I like kids, but I'm so large that I could accidentally hit those tiny ones over. I don't think cats are in my future, but the right dog could be! I am really eager to find another home.

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