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About Max

Hey there, I'm Max! I am a gentle giant looking for a loving forever home! I am fluffy and friendly, and it's easy to fall in love with my happy-go-lucky demeanour and adorable curly tail. I would benefit from having a backyard to roam in, as I enjoy feeling the mountain breeze through my fur and need my space. Speaking of my fur, I'm looking for someone that enjoys grooming to keep my luxurious plush coat looking and feeling it's best. I'll make a fabulous family dog, as I am very gentle and respectful around little ones. Plus, I am the best snuggly teddy bear you could ask for, and will tuck myself right against you for cuddle time. I will need proper introductions to dogs to make sure that we will be pals, and while I lived with a cat previously, I find them fun to chase and can be vocal toward them so I may do best without a cat in my next home. I am a smidge overweight - I thought I was just fluffy, but the humans at the Centre tell me that I may need to cut back on the cookies! I will benefit from a diet and exercise in my new home so that I can feel my best. I am a very lovable and loyal guy, so I can't wait to find a family to join!

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