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About Meeks

Hello! My name is Meeks. I've had a bit of a rough go the last few months. I had surgery on my left hind leg in the fall, and again recently to remove the pins they put in. I am on the road to recovery with shorter walks and daily physio though, as well as some medications to ensure it doesn't become infected and keep my pain controlled. Due to my surgery I will need a balanced lifestyle - one with enough exercise to keep me in shape, but not excessive exercise that may cause strain. It is very likely that even once my leg is "recovered," the joints in that leg will need to be managed lifelong, and I am more prone to arthritic changes as I get older. I'm a very smart girl, so brain games will help to enrich my life, since I can't run full-out as much as I might like to. I will need an experienced dog owner to harness my drive and energy, as well as someone that can physically handle me, as I am a very strong girl and I haven't quite figured out that it isn't my job to drag the human around on the end of my leash like a sled dog. I'm working on it though! I am also working on my reactivity toward other dogs while on leash, so continued training in this area will be beneficial for us both. With the right guidance and training, I will be a very loyal and loving companion, and I loooove snuggles! I adore all humans, and will sit beside people and lean fully on them, politely requesting pets within minutes of meeting them. The Bow Valley seems like a great spot, as I am a dog made for the outdoors! I can't wait to find my forever home!

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