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About Mystic

We are pleased to announce that Mystic was adopted on Aug. 29, 2018
Mystic went home today! We are so grateful for her new family that will provide her with a loving home!
This lovely lady came to us with her mom and 6 other sisters. She is just starting to become playful. As soon as anyone walks into the room she and her sisters are quick to have a stretch and stumble out of their beds before they even have their eyes open. They are learning to walk without falling every few seconds and some are even adventurous enough to attempt a climb up onto moms high-rise bed! When they aren't playing with each other you can guarantee they will be following your feet around nipping at the bottoms of your pants and nibbling your toes through your shoes. These ladies are not up for adoption quite yet! Keep checking back for updates on their status and their personalities as they get a little older!

If you are interested in adopting one of our 7 ladies, please fill out an Adoption Application from our website and drop it off at the centre. Those that are approved will be called and invited to come and meet the puppies!