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About Nena

Nena is a feral pup that came to us from AARCS in Calgary. This little sweetheart is not ready to go to a home just yet. Initially, Nena was terrified of humans coming too close. She would shake and cower in her corner. Leashes and going outside were a no-go as well. However, with a lot of hard work from a couple of our amazing volunteers Nena now allows select people to leash her and walk her just past our gate. She has taken a car ride or two, but is still very unsure about it. At this point Nena will go outside on her own, but getting her back in is an everyday challenge! Nena may be on to something - the great outdoors are where she feels most comfortable and humans must gain her trust before she lets them in. She will run up to a familiar face to lick their hand or take a treat before quickly retreating to a semi-close, safe distance to watch them do their thing. Although she has a hesitation for humans, she has an affinity for other dogs! We are continuing to work with Nena to help our little lady find her forever home.