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About Nena

We are pleased to announce that Nena was adopted on May 26, 2020
PENDiNG ADOPTION - not available at this time!

Hi, I'm Nena,

I am currently living in a foster home, but to be honest I think they are going to keep me! We are trying! I am a pretty tough cookie. You see, my family and I were feral when they rescued us from a VERRRYY cold winter storm. I love people (not as much as I love dogs), but I like to keep my distance. Sometimes I give the humans around me a little bit of love by running up and licking their hands. If I really like you I'll let ya give my butt a scratch! I have three humans that spent a lot of time with me when I first arrived. I didn't like to be leashed, or walked. I didn't understand cars, or houses. Sometimes I would give the staff a run for their money by seeing how long it would take them to get me back into my room! However, these nice humans worked patiently with me and now I love my leash (only if it's a certain human doing it), I actually enjoy a car ride (way faster than walking) and I am evening warming up to the idea of a home (I only eat their shoes once and a while now). As I mentioned before, I think they want to keep me forever, so stay tuned!