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About Nikki

We are pleased to announce that Nikki was adopted on Oct. 26, 2018
Nikki was one of our most energetic dogs. A woman from Calgary contacted us in search of an outdoor companion, letting us know she had her eye on Nikki. She drove out to meet her and the rest is history! With home-made liver treats and a love of snowshoeing, hiking and camping, Diana seemed to be the perfect fit for our Nikki. Another happy ending.
Nikki was brought into Calgary Humane Society as a stray in July, and was transferred to the Bow Valley SPCA on September 22, 2018. Nikki had been placed in a foster home and lived with a Staffordshire/Pitbull and Australian Silk Terrier without issue. Her foster parent did note some anxiety in the home, but she was not destructive. Nikki was transferred to us, as we believe that she would do well in a rural setting, where she can burn off some of her energy. Given her strong prey drive and her anxiety, she will need lots of love, and someone who has knowledge of the Husky breed. Nikki is quite timid, but very vocal. We are certain she could carry on a conversation with her human friends for hours! This sweet girl really doesn't like the shelter much, and we would like to help her to find her forever family as soon as possible. If you are interested in Nikki, please contact us at (403)609-2022, or stop by the shelter to say hello!