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About Panther

We are pleased to announce that Panther was adopted on April 16, 2020
Another foster fail! Our beautiful, smart and loving Panther went home with one of our board members when the covid crisis closed our doors... and alas, she has now become a part of their loving home! Panther still makes frequent visits to the centre to have doggy play dates with our resident dogs and to show off her skills at agility!
Panther is currently in a loving foster home with the hope to adopt. She was surrendered to a front-line rescuer in the Meadow Lake, SK area and is a happy, healthy, and VERY friendly pooch! You will fall in love with Panther the moment you meet her! She wants nothing more than your love and attention so she can weasel all the belly pats and head scratches from you. When she is bored with the petting she loves to show her humans all of her favorite toys they can use to play with her. We do not know much about her history, but she is reactive to other dogs while on leash. She lived in a foster home as an only pet and was great around their 1-yr-old child! Panther is very toy and treat motivated so we have no doubts that with a little training this lady will be able to work on her leash reactivity.