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About Pasha

We are pleased to announce that Pasha was adopted on Oct. 2, 2018
It is with an abundance of joy we are happy to announce Pasha has found her way home! Pasha did such a wonderful job in getting her puppies ready to go, and we are delighted that she is finally bearing the fruits of her laborious task. Adopted by a local family, they are sure to enjoy her company for many years to come. Congratulations Pasha! You certainly touched us all here at the Bow Valley SPCA.
Pasha is the mother to our 7 puppies. They have all gone to their forever homes and now its moms turn to find hers! She is a young mom - just over 1 yr old! She is a small dog, with a very calm and affectionate demeanour. Pasha loves to run and play but also knows when she or the people around her want to be mellow. She was just recently spayed and is still slightly on edge around other dogs, as her instinct as of recent was to protect her pups! However, we have had some very successful play dates with her and a few other dogs in our shelter. Pasha would be a great addition to a home with kids - not surprising, as she just raised 7 of her own!