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About Torro

This strong brave boy was found dying in a ditch in Mexico. His back leg was broken and he had no food or water. A kind man from Canmore pulled him out of this nightmare and brought him to a vet where he was treated and had surgery to repair his leg. The family very quickly became attached to Torro, so they just couldn't leave him behind. They brought him back to Canada with him and they need our help finding him a loving forever home!

Torro is now ready to find his forever home! After months of fighting through different medical issues - Torro is ready to find his place in the right home. If you are interested in Torro please give us a call or come by the centre!

Toro has made unbelievable strides toward becoming a happy and healthy dog. He has finished his cancer treatments and is now gaining strength for his next and hopefully last bout with the veterinarians--neuter and teeth being fixed. When he arrived, he had cancer, mange, broken teeth, a dog's version of Lyme's disease, a poorly healed broken femur in his right back leg, two healed breaks in his left rear leg and he was intact. Everything is now behind him.

He is happy and gaining strength and waiting for his forever family to find him.