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About Zep

We are pleased to announce that Zep was adopted on May 19, 2018
Zep is a happy go lucky dog with a big heart. He loves to spend time outside and has a lot of love to spread around. He is very well socialized with other dogs, but doesn't quite understand cats. Zep was in foster care before coming to us, and was in a home with other animals. He is still learning, but is eager to please and is full of kisses for whomever he meets. Zep has lots of energy and would be a wonderful hiking companion. Zep would fit in best with an active family who has older children and a love for the outdoors. He most definitely needs more space than what we can provide at the shelter and is super eager to find his forever home!

Zep is a big dog with a big personality! He is a goofball and full of beans but he is a sweetie with a big heart. Zep loves going for long walks, playing with his squeaky toys, and roughhousing with his dog friends at the SPCA. He has a big smile that brightens the day of everyone who sees him and his excitement is contagious.

Zep came to the shelter through a foster care program in Calgary because they thought he seemed like a Canmore dog with his energy and his love for the outdoors. We couldn’t agree more! Zep is looking for a forever family who is active and will bring him along on their outdoor adventures. He is an excellent companion to walk onleash and he has all but mastered his basic commands. He would be a great dog to take on long hikes or to the local dog park!

If you’re looking to add a big bundle of joy to your family, come meet Zep!