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Animals Available for Foster

Please see below the animals currently available for foster. Click the animal's name to redirect to their website bio for photos and more info.



Foster Home Requirements: Quiet home, no dogs, adult-only household

Behaviour Notes: Stella is a very shy and scared girl who will need someone that understands that it will take her time to feel safe. While in the shelter, she predominantly hides during the day, although she will venture out of her hiding spot cautiously when the Centre is closed to the public. If approached quickly, she may defend herself, however she is getting much more social and brave with approaching people she knows for gentle affection. She would hugely benefit from a quiet home where she can feel safe!


Foster Home Requirements: Quiet home, no dogs, resident cat an asset, adult-only household

Behaviour Notes: Feurza came in with her kittens and was incredibly protective of them. She does not trust humans yet, and spends her time up high where she can't be reached. If approached, she will defend herself, but is only defensive if you enter her space. She is likely to become a wonderful companion once she realizes that humans are safe, but at the moment she is quite feral and fearful. She would benefit from having a confident feline companion, as she enjoys the company of other cats. She needs someone patient that will respect her space!


Foster Home Requirements: Quiet home, minimal visitors, no dogs, no cats, adult-only household, someone home often to work with her

Behaviour Notes: Daisy was an owner surrender, and finds the shelter environment very stressful as she is used to being in a home. She can be sociable and is very sweet, but isn't keen on being approached quickly and has been defensive when she is fearful. In a home environment, we hope she will be more comfortable, but in the shelter she is very fearful. Her ideal foster home will be quiet, with one or two patient humans that have time to spend helping her come out of her shell.

Medical Notes: Daisy recently had a dental surgery with extractions. She has oral medications that she needs to receive three times per day, and her foster will need to monitor her food intake (soft food only at this time) to ensure she continues eating.


No dogs currently available for foster