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Animals Available for Foster

Please see below the animals currently available for foster. Click the animal's name to redirect to their website bio for photos and more info.



Foster Home Requirements: Quiet home, no dogs, adult-only household

Behaviour Notes: Stella is a very shy and scared girl who will need someone that understands that it will take her time to feel safe. While in the shelter, she hides during the day, although she will venture out of her hiding spot cautiously when the Centre is closed to the public. If approached, she will lash out, out of fear, though she does give warning (growling, hissing etc.) and she is only defensive if you enter her space. She is clearly very stressed by the busy shelter environment. She was an owner surrender, and the owner did express that she hid a lot at home, so her foster will need to understand that she may not be an overly affectionate lap cat. She would hugely benefit from a quiet home where she can feel safe!


No dogs currently available for foster