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Animals Available for Foster

Please see below the animals currently available for foster. Click the animal's name to redirect to their website bio for photos and more info.



Suitable Home: Quiet household, no other animals

Medical Needs: Penny has arthritis in her front elbows, and hips. Her home should be mindful of adapting their home so that she does not have to make large jumps (such as putting stairs or a ramp up to the bed). She takes a oral liquid medication (buprenorphine) twice daily to manage her pain and reduce inflammation, which she is very tolerant of taking.

Behaviour Notes: Penny is a gentle senior, and will do best in a quiet home that will allow her time to become comfortable and feel safe. Once she does, she is an absolute sweetheart!


Suitable Home: Quiet household, no dogs, no children

Medical Needs: None

Behaviour Notes: Riley was surrendered after living in a home her whole life, and she is not thriving in the shelter. She is very scared and confused and has confined herself to a hidey-hole where she feels safe. Her ideal foster home will be patient and understanding that she will need time to feel safe, and that will not push her outside her comfort zone (as she will lash out when she feels threatened). Her prior home reported that she would do best in a quiet household. Our staff are able to coax her out of her hiding spot with temptations treats, and she is affectionate and will head-butt your hand for pets when she feels safe, but she is struggling to progress with the busy nature of the shelter environment and would be much happier in a foster home.