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Animals Available for Foster

Please see below the animals currently available for foster. Click the animal's name to redirect to their website bio for photos and more info.



Ideal Foster Home: No cats or dogs, no kids, quiet home, comfortable administering medications, long-term availability

About Morris: Morris is a sweet older cat who came to us after his beloved owner passed away. Morris was grieving, but has since come around and learned that he is safe. Morris is still a bit of a "grumpy old man," but is very affectionate with people he trusts, on his own terms.

Medical Challenges: Morris has suspected IBD (irritable bowel disorder). He is on a special diet and ongoing medication to control his symptoms. Morris still has the occasional vomiting episode, and his foster home will need to monitor the frequency of vomiting/inappetence and stay in close contact with the Centre staff to determine the best course of action to keep Morris feeling his best.

Behaviour Challenges: After experiencing heartbreak and then learning to trust again, Morris may take time to settle in after another change of environment. Because of this, we are looking for a long-term commitment to foster, ideally until he is adopted. Morris is quick to tell you when he has had enough, and doesn't like being manhandled or told what to do. If he is giving these signals, it is best to leave him alone to decompress and not allow his stress levels to escalate.


No dogs currently available for foster

Please note that we do not put highly adoptable animals into foster homes, as it decreases their exposure and unnecessarily increases their length of stay. We are not a foster-based shelter, so animals available for foster are only those that need qualified and committed individuals to work through specific behavioural/medical issues. There are many foster-based rescues in Calgary and surrounding areas, which may be a better fit if you are wanting to foster an animal ASAP, as it is infrequent that we place animals into foster.