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Be Hip and Microchip!

Fri, 31 Aug 2018

There are a lot of trends that go out of style quickly - but you know what never does?! Micro-chipping your pet!

Microchips are super sleek and literally invisible once implanted - very trendy indeed! They are smaller than a grain of rice and are more reliable than a tattoo (which can fade) or a collar tag (which can fall off)! A microchip is placed between the shoulder blades of the animals and is virtually painless. The microchips are either registered with the vet you are using, or, if the animal came from a shelter the chip number will be registered in their system. Vet clinics and shelters are equipped with scanners that can quickly read the microchip and identify the animals owner, address and phone number. Even if the chip number is not from their facility, vets and shelters have a good relationship throughout their immediate and surrounding areas and will work hard to track where the number is registered. Once your pet is chipped be even more hip by including the number in your animals licence with the town or city and always update your address and phone number if they change!

Now that's trendy.