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BVSPCA Gets A VERY Special Volunteer for the Education Committee

Sun, 28 Apr 2019
WREX IMG_3695.jpg

The Education Committee has a new member--his name is wRex, and he is shown with his previous owner Ken Vandean. Ken brought this cute mechanical dog to the BVSPCA Community Garage Sale and before anyone could buy him, he "volunteered" to become part of the Education Committee. (More accurately, Roberta Richardson, member of the Education Committee, approached Ken and asked him if he would be willing to donate wRex to the BVSPCA to become a member of the Education Committee. Ken readily agreed and committed to bring more batteries for the new pup.)

Full disclosure: The photographer actually reached down to give wRex a pet after he sweetly cocked his head; and when touched, wRex gave out a little groan of pleasure. Even though the photographer knew he was mechanical/electronic, there was a strong temptation to do it again.

The Education Committee of the BVSPCA often takes a realistic stuffed dog, which we have named Rescue, to many of their outreach programs. Now Rescue has a partner. Rescue and wRex are important members of the education team. They provide a safe, yet realistic opportunity for children to learn how to approach a dog and how to use gentle touch once they have the owner/guardian permission.

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