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Matching Donations to Care for Sick Animals

Wed, 13 Jun 2018

In honour of What would have been the late Frank Sojonky’s 90th birthday, Carla Cumming Sojonky will match every single dollar you give so we can continue to provide excellent, individualized veterinary care to all our rescued dogs and cats! AND if you decide to donate monthly your initial (one month) contribution will be matched 15X! (Quick calculation: a donation of $25/month means your donation will have the impact of $400 thanks to the 15X match.)

Click here to monitor progress toward our goal, or better yet, to make a donation in support of the Bow Valley SPCA.

Until July 1, or until the $10,000 provided is fully matched, your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar. This money will go directly toward the cost of veterinary care.

Every dog and cat in our care receives individualized medical/veterinary care that ensures their ability to thrive and increases their chance of successful adoption. This is part of our commitment to make a difference and change the lives of these abandoned animals. Given the condition of many of the surrendered animals (serious injuries or complex medical problems), we are using over 20% of our operating funds to cover veterinary costs. Our commitment to high quality medical care is unwavering; and resident cats and dogs need your financial support to help them continue to receive the care they deserve.

Surrender fees, grants, and fundraising cover 27% of your SPCA’s expenses. The Bow Valley SPCA needs donor support for the remaining 73% of our costs.