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National Volunteer Week 2021 Volunteer Spotlights!

Mon, 19 Apr 2021
Volunteer Spotlight (4).png

We of course want to start by saying a massive thank you to all our amazing, dedicated volunteers! Despite the circumstances over this last year, our volunteers have shown up for us time and time again, without hesitation. Here are some volunteer spotlights of our incredible volunteers, on their volunteering highlights and experiences! This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we wanted to share a snippet of the amazing volunteer team that we are so lucky to have! Thank you again to ALL our volunteers!

Tamara 1.png

Tamara 2.png

Tamara 3.png

Annie 1.png

Annie 2.png

Annie 3.png

Annie 4.png

Brad 1.png

Brad 2.png

Brad 3.png

Cami 1.png

Cami 2.png

Cami 3.png

Jordan 1.png

Jordan 2.png

Kayla 1.png

Kayla 2.png

Kayla 3.png

Kayla 4.png

Lauren 1.png

Lauren 2.png

Lauren 3.png

Lauren 4.png

Sarah 1.png

Sarah 2.png

Sarah 3.png

Sarah 4.png

Linda 1.png

Linda 2.png

Linda 3.png

Linda 4.png

Volunteer Spotlight.png

Volunteer Spotlight (1).png

Volunteer Spotlight (2).png

Volunteer Spotlight (3).png