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Pups and Kittens Visit the Golden Eagle View Longterm Care Unit!

Tue, 29 Sep 2020
Golden 5.jpg

We recently brought some dogs and kittens to the Golden Eagle View Longterm Care Unit at the Canmore Hospital, and had such a wonderful time entertaining the residents with silly kitten antics and spreading some distant dog love. Since COVID-19, it has been challenging to be present in our community, so this was an amazing way to get back into the community to spread some smiles.

Golden 4.jpg

Interacting with the community is an important part of our mission, so with some added precautions (such as masks, keeping our distance, and viewing the animals through windows/doors), we were very grateful to have this opportunity to safely get back into the community. Thanks to Golden Eagle View Longterm Care Unit for having us!

Golden 1.jpeg

Golden 6.jpg