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Torro: a rags to riches story

Wed, 20 Mar 2019
Torro-Going Away IMG_3279-Edit.jpg

Torro was adopted into his forever home On March 16, 2019. We had a going away party on the day before.

Torro was at the Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre for about 14 months. More that 10 months was recovering from a seemingly endless number of medical ailments, including cancer, mange, Lyme's Disease, 11 fractured teeth, and 3 poorly healed broken bones. Then there was the behavioural training to overcome some of his fears from all of the medical work.

Almost exactly 2 months after he was finally made available for adoption, he found his new family. For those of us who worked with, cared for, and donated funds for his treatment, it was a bittersweet day--happy for him and sad knowing we would be missing him. If he were a human person, we would describe him as always having something good to say and being amazingly cheerful. Since he is a canine person, we will just say that he was a gentle, sweet tempered dog. Someone described him as a Golden retrieve in a Pit Bull body.

When he arrived at the end on 2017, he was skinny, sick and scared
Torro-Going Away IMG_2983.jpg
Torro enjoying going away treats with his human and doggy friends
Torro-Going Away IMG_3008.jpg
Torro giving a goodbye face wash to one of his people
Torro-Going Away IMG_3023.jpg
Torro seems to know about begging for human food--honest, we did not teach him this trick
Torro-Going Away IMG_3047.jpg
Torro taking a break from the action
Torro-Going Away IMG_3077.jpg
A toast to Torro
Torro-Going Away IMG_3279-Edit.jpg
Pam Doyle captures the exact mood of the celebration and it makes the front page of the Crag & Canyon — Pam Doyle