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Zeus Goes to Eagle Terrace as Part of Pet Therapy Program

Tue, 22 Jan 2019

On Monday January 14th, the Bow Valley SPCA showcased Zeus as part of the pet therapy Program at Eagle Terrace, Canmore Hospital.   The residents learned of this sweet 4 year old male German Shepherd and his  journey coming to the BVSPCA .   He was  found  living under a deck with his face full of porcupine quills and shy of all people.   Meghan, Manager  of  BVSPCA adopted Zeus  in Sept and has formed a bond of trust.   Educators of BVSPCA asked Meghan to guide Zeus through a small agility course displaying the bond of trust she has formed with him.   Being introduced to new surroundings, agility scenario's, and people Zeus was comfortable.  He met with each  residents and enjoyed the attention and  a few treats.