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Adoption Applications

If you are still interested in adopting a cat or dog after reading through our Before You Adopt information and/or discussions with Adoption Centre staff, you must complete our adoption application (bottom of the page) and email it to us or drop it off in person to our Centre. Please indicate in the header of your email the name of the animal you are interested in, if you have one specifically.

Please note that we do not do same-day adoptions. Once you have chosen to adopt a particular dog or cat, you will need to go home and make sure this is the right decision for your family. If you are adopting a dog, you will need to arrange to bring your dog (if you already have one) in for a dog meeting. Some of our dogs require multiple meet and greets before you can proceed with adoption.

We encourage you to fill out an adoption application if you are considering adopting from us, even if you do not have a specific animal in mind, so that we have your information on hand and you can be pre-approved for adoption, speeding up the process for when you do find a pet you want to adopt.

Once your application is received, our Adoption Centre Manager will contact you with any further questions, and if your application is approved, to arrange an appointment for you to come visit the animal(s). Thank you!

Note: Please either fill out digitally or by hand. If filling out digitally and you are unable to sign the application, please just type your name in the signature line.

Please email your application to:

Applications sent to other email addresses will not be reviewed.