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About Billy

We are pleased to announce that Billy was adopted on July 6, 2018
Our quiet little Billy was noticed a few weeks ago by a family who adopted his brother, Zack. He has now found his forever home! They came back today, ecstatic to take Billy home! Billy will now have a new brother at his forever home - a cat that they adopted from the BVSPCA a few years ago. What a good way to end the week!
Billy is approximately 6 weeks old and born in the wild to a feral mom. Billy is a special little guy, quiet and easy going, the least active of his siblings. Sometimes we catch him playing by himself having a great time! He is still a little unsure when it comes to people, but he doesn't complain when being held. When these feisty kittens aren't playing, you can find them all curled up, huddled together. Pop by to meet him if you would like to meet him - he is ready for a loving home!