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About Biggie

We are pleased to announce that Biggie was adopted on May 17, 2024
Hey, I'm Biggie! I'm a big dog, but I'm also a big softy who is looking for a patient and loving new home to call my own. I was dearly loved by my previous family, but I'm now needing to start a new chapter. I have some anxious tendencies, and when I first arrived at the shelter, I struggled with the transition. I immediately found one person who was my "safe person" and was leery to make friends with new people. I wasn't aggressive, just very scared and nervous. Over time, my "safe person" showed me that making new friends means lots of treats and gentle affection, but also showed me that I'm allowed to make friends at my own pace. Unfortunately I've had some bad experiences with men in my past, so it takes me longer to warm up to them. What can I say, I'm a ladies man! Now I have a number of humans who I trust, although I'm still taking my time with showing everyone my true colours.

With the people I trust completely, I am a giant lap dog and a total velcro pup. Once I love you, my love for you is endless, and I am loyal beyond compare. Once I feel safe with someone, my most favourite place to be is in their lap giving kisses. I also enjoy play-wrestling with people, and chasing after balls or zooming around the yard. I'm a very smart cookie and I know a number of commands and am eager to learn more! I am very exuberant with the people I love, not to mention bouncy and full of energy!

Although I am a delight to walk on leash, I do become nervous while out on walks if I see people that I don't recognize (especially men) but if I'm walking with someone I trust, with some encouragement I can usually walk past. Loud noises such as car alarms or big trucks also cause me to cower, freeze, or try to bolt, but I'm getting braver. Slow and steady will be the name of the game, and understanding that I might be too nervous to go on big adventures at first until I feel safe and build up my confidence. I have a tendency towards separation anxiety, and once I bond with someone, I find it hard to be without them. I'd love a home with someone home more often than not while I settle in and I learn to be alone. The good news is I'm already crate trained. I've been selective with dogs in the past, so I'll need to meet any potential new dog friends to be sure we'll be a match, but I have made a couple dog friends here in the shelter that I love to bounce around with (I'm a full on player!) so it's a definite possibility.

I'd like to feel safe and start to build a connection with my new family before heading home, so my adoption process will involve multiple meet and greets until I feel comfortable. Because I struggled with the transition into the shelter, my new home should be prepared to give me extra time to decompress and adjust to a new home, and understand that it may not be immediately easy. I promise that I'm worth the extra time and patience, and I am such a loving, gentle, and happy-go-lucky dog if you give me a chance! There's nothing I'd love more than some kind people to snuggle up on the sofa, and go adventuring with.

Dog-friendly: Selective, proper introductions required
Cat-friendly: No
Kid-friendly: Yes, recommend dog-savvy aged 12+
Do I Need Special Care?: No

Interested?! Please fill out our adoption application and submit to Upon approval you will be contacted to arrange an appointment time to come meet me!