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About Dakota

Hi, I'm Dakota! I was brought into the SPCA with my puppy after being outdoor strays for quite some time. Luckily, we had some nice people looking out for us and keeping us fed, but I'm ready for the relaxed life of an indoor dog! I hadn't spent much time indoors before, but since arriving I've come to really enjoy a cushy dog bed, a squeaky toy, and never having to worry about when my next meal will be. I raised a pretty cute pup, but now I'm ready for life on my own, hopefully with some people who will let my own puppy-side flourish! I'm learning to walk on leash and I'm getting the hang of it quickly, and for the most part walk with a loose leash. Unless I see a squirrle or a bird - then the game is ON! I still love a burst of off-leash zoomies, so a home with a yard would be nice, but not necessary. I'm friendly with everyone I meet and will roll over for belly rubs if I really love you. I wasn't housetrained when I arrived, but I much prefer going to the bathroom outside anyways so I'm catching on quickly. I've also already got "sit" down pat, and am ready to learn lots of new tricks and commands. I would be just the best trail dog because I love adventuring outside and spending time with my favourite people. I sure hope I can find a great home soon so I can start living the "good life!"

Dog-friendly: Yes
Cat-friendly: Untested, high prey drive with squirrels/birds so proceed with caution. May adjust with proper introductions and training.
Kid-friendly: Untested, likely yes

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