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Featured Foster Felines!

Wed, 1 Mar 2023
Bow valley spca

Why Adopt a Foster Cat?

This week we are highlighting all the incredible cats that we have who are in foster care. We place cats into foster care for two main reasons. The most common is that they find the shelter environment overwhelming, especially in cases where they have spent their whole lives in a home. These cats come across as very timid and often defensive in the shelter, but once in a foster home, blossom into cuddly and sweet cats. The other reason is for medical conditions which require monitoring, special care, or daily medications.

Adopting a cat that has been in a foster home is great because they have been getting one-on-one care and attention, and their fosters can tell you exactly what they are like in the home. Plus, these cats generally are in care for longer, as they don't get the exposure that they would have gotten at the shelter. Many of our foster cats have been waiting for a forever home for a year or more. Read below on our currently adoptable cats who have been spending time in committed and loving foster homes, and get in touch to arrange to meet them!

Send an email to if you are interested in arranging a meet and greet with any of our incredible foster cats. While foster home life is great, FOREVER home life would be even better!