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The Faces Behind Portraits of Love

Fri, 18 Feb 2022

Meet the faces behind Portraits of Love, helping to spread the love for rescued dogs and cats this Valentines Day! Thank you so much to all our dedicated and talented volunteer artists*, and of course to our incredible professional artists, Margo Petroff, Stacey MacMillan, and Claire Beattie. If you haven’t already, click here to view the full gallery!

* Blaire Ashton, Jessie Ashton, Charlotte Brown, Martino Ciaramidaro, Savannah Doherty, Pam Doyle, Helen Elgie, Marco Gignac, Natasha Gray, Moira Groeneveld, Megan Harden, Tamsinne Hatfield, Daisy Hilchey, Melissa Hubbard, Cindy Hui, Morgan Jollimore, Tanya Jones, Meghan Keelan, Jarold Ketterer, Jaime Kirton, Leslie Lewis, Taylor Livingstone, Jasper MacMillan, Sage MacMillan, Stacey MacMillan, Heather McCulloch, Lynden Naylor, Sarah Parsons, Heidi Peck, Margo Petroff, Emily Pouwells, Mary Proskie, Camila Sanchez, Connor Scott, Michelle Skingle, Linda Stenger, Inga Tatalaite, Jordan Taylor-Baptiste, Heather Vardy, Sarah Vardy, Annie Vlahiotis, Mike Walters, Natalie Wilding, Adrian Wilson, Jackie Wilson, Kali Wood, Kelly Wood, Tom Wood