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About Red

We are pleased to announce that Red was adopted on June 10, 2018
It is with great pleasure that we can announce Red has found his way home!! A wonderful couple from the Bow Valley opened their hearts, and their home, and Red is settling in quite nicely. After almost 500 days in shelter, this was a long time coming, and Red touched so many of us here at the Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre, Bow Valley SPCA. He often accompanied volunteers to community events, and spent many a weekend in the homes of some of our most dedicated volunteers. Red will be missed as he found a way to touch us all with his goofy grin. But this is where his journey to true bliss begins! Congratulations Red!
Red is an ambassador for the SPCA who goes on several outings with the education team. He has had his anterior ligament repaired on his left knee and has very mild arthritis in both knees. The surgery was a success and Red is back to his active self. He needs to go to an active family where he will get lots of play time and walks. Red loves to run but he would not be a suitable dog for intensive running sports such as biking. On home visits with our volunteers, Red is a perfect gentleman.

Red with Snow Shovel

Red loves to play and this is a perfect example of his gentle but insistent approach to play.